Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo Challenge: JINGLE

I didn't really do the challenge schedule math on this until just now. It turns out that this is going to be the last challenge of 2012. I think we chose a good prompt and we got great responses. Enjoy them and please scroll down to get ready for another fantastic year of photography!

I am never together enough to either remember an old photo that's perfect for a challenge or to shoot specifically for the prompt. Our Janet routinely does both with brilliant results. She took two shots for this prompt and submitted the other one until I begged for this one because it is simply fantabulous.

she's still here
You know that I'm a sucker for the kid pics and the dog pics but, you know, the old folks pics really get me, too. Our Bethany knows a lot of glorious elders and I love this ornament she made with pictures of her grammy.

Sadly we didn't get to hear anyone play this organ. At least we got to see it when we toured the duomo in Sienna, Italy.

When Our Cindy does sparkly she really does sparkly. The sunlight shows off her jazzy trimmings to great effect here.

Pew pew pew
At first glance Our Lisa might seem to be a strict traditionalist. She's a stay at home mom, she bakes bread, she volunteers for a lot of field trips. Make no mistake, though, she's as unique as they come and not afraid to show it. "Klingon Bird of Prey uncloaking dead ahead!"

Now technically the math works out that the next challenge would fall on December 26th. I'm getting up well before the crack of fanny on that day to bring a loved one to the airport then having breakfast with different loved ones and getting back on the road toward Brooklyn with fingers crossed for not too much traffic. What I'm saying is, the 26th isn't going to see me in front of a computer for very long so I'm declaring a week's delay, a rest period, a reflection time, if you will, and we'll see the first challenge of 2013 on January 2nd. Sound good?

Oh, the prompt. I think it shall be FRESH.

Please enter by 9am Tuesday JANUARY 1st 2013 (eek!) for posting on January 2nd. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and FRESH. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


  1. hahaha he'd KILL me if he knew that picture was on the interwebs! No, he wouldn't, I'm kidding. He's a HAM! Love the silver tree and all the shadows, wowsa! And the organ! And those picture & bell ornaments...I think I'll make some with Ralphy :-) Uncloaking...hahahah! Great one!~

  2. For a while there, Mr. Chili and I collected the Hallmark Star Trek ornaments. We have quite the preponderance of them, but none of them made it out of the box this year.