Monday, December 10, 2012


I'm doing a show, please come!

I send out kind of a lot of holiday cards. I used to send them sort of haphazardly but every year I move toward a slightly more organized system. My mother's father died in January of 1999. I got the news on a pay phone at a Steak & Shake in Ohio, I believe. On break from my job in Saginaw, MI I had spent a couple of days at Christmas with him, my grandmother, and Aunt Rena. I took him to the hospital for some bloodwork, cooked a dinner, and spent a little time with Grammy Fern getting her holiday letters ready. She was the queen of the index card contacts system and led me through it probably because she hoped I'd learn to keep up the tradition. I am. Sort of.

In the past several years I've developed a really fun habit of creating my cards in partnership with Our JRH. I make some vague pronouncements about photos and themes and general ideas and she works the magic on the computer that makes them a reality. Since I send more than 100 cards I usually have them printed at iPrint. The drawback here is that they will print you 100 cards or 250 cards and nothing in between. Since I need more than 100 I go for the exorbitant 250 and it's still cheaper than getting the correct number of cards printed anywhere else. Some year for the sake of economics and space and the greening of America I'll have to do a "Retro" mailing and send out a variety of the old cards.

One year, in the tradition of some bloggers, I asked folks if they'd like to get on my mailing list and get a card. Lord knows I love some snail mail and I can't be the only one! I'd like to extend that invitation again. I just ordered the cards (we spent our usual design time making the card for my show you see above so we're a little behind) so they won't get to me until the 18th. If your joy requires that you receive all your cards before Christmas I won't be able to help you but if you have a weakness for the New Year card (or possibly the Valentines one!) then I'd love to send you some cheer. If you want to get on my mailing list please send your preferred address to isabeau6 at hotmail dot com.

Hope you're enjoying your traditions!


Don't forget that the world premiere of my new cabaret show, Back Where I Belong, is coming up December 12, January 9, and January 17. Details are here. I hope you can make it and bring all your friends! Please spread the word and use the hashtag, #KizzCabaret. 


  1. I'll exchange cards with you! I have your address :-) And I'll be getting around to finishing them this week :-)

  2. I would send you a card but...I ran out. Next year.

  3. I'll still send you one if you want one.