Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Chili 44

Brochure Cover Option 1Chili turns 44 today. So you know what the list is about!

1. We met in High School and had the same homeroom.

2. She had enviably feathered hair.

3. She still has enviable hair.

4. In my experience if you share the same astrological sign with a friend it either makes the friendship impossible or great. We're Capricorns. So far so good...

5. Whenever she talks about being a mom for some reason I remember being at her house when her second child was still a nursing babe. As we sat and talked her husband walked by and asked about the baby, "Is she eating or just binking?" "Just binking." I don't know why I remember it but I do.

6. She loves her Outlander series and I love my Lymond series because we've both got a lot of Scottish blood in our veins. Some day the crossover love will happen for us. I know it will. They're books. We love books. It has to happen, right?

7. She prefers homemade over store bought even if that means she spends a lot of time eating a store's or restaurant's meal and tweaking her own making of it.

8. Her emotional achilles heel when she's being photographed is her chin. I think that's secretly why she doesn't post pictures of herself online. (It isn't, but come on, that'd be a good story.)

9. Please don't call the authorities on us but when I got my first laptop we hooked it up to hers and she shared the contents of her iTunes with me. I still have every song.

10. I love her.


  1. which means I have that music as well! Happy Birthday Chili!

  2. happy birthday Chili!

  3. 1. As I recall, our homeroom teacher had a sleep disorder and would pass out unexpectedly.
    2. I had to work REALLY hard to get those feathers. In retrospect, I'm not sure they were worth it.
    3. I love my hair now (once I stopped fighting with it). As I recall, I came to visit you the weekend after I got the best haircut of my life and finally liberated myself from the hairdrier. I've never looked back.
    4. So far, so good!
    5. Funny, I DON'T remember that specific occasion, but I was a human Binkie for a long time, so I'm absolutely sure that happened.
    6. HA! I've got a B&N gift in my purse; I'll go get the first of those books today, I promise!
    7. I prefer homemade to store bought IF it's just as good with minimal fuss. I've never been able to make scratch brownies as good as I get out of a box, so box it is. I am rather proud, though, of my Cheesecake Factory copycat roasted garlic Parmesan cream sauce.
    8. Yeah, not sure what it is about that damned chin. I think it makes me feel like I look fat.
    9. Shhhhhh!
    10. I love you, too. Very, very much.

  4. Happy Birthday, Chili.
    Damn good thing I didn't know you when you were in high school. I so would have envied the feathers.
    I love both of you.

  5. Ain't love grand? xo and happy birthday...