Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Good Year

SnugglEdSo far it's been a good year. I rang it in with fun and I'm spending the day relaxing. I've had kind offers of places to go and things to eat but, for me, starting slow has felt like the right way to go.

I would have blown off my writing goal (Every day. At least 15 minutes. Not a blog post.) for today but for the following conversation with Teddy's Girl:

"What are you up to today?"

"Nothing, really. Giving myself permission not to do anything."

"Except write for 15 minutes."

"Oo, yeah, that!"

So I wrote for 15 minutes and I had my regular Tuesday walk with Sara and I napped and I've cuddled my animals as much as they can stand. I just ordered some yummy food to be delivered. I'm ready to tackle this year and, dare I say, I'm cautiously optimistic.

How about you?


  1. Napped, a lot. Permission to self to do basically nothing, again. Got boys to clean up their messes since I don't have the energy. Got outside, that was actually my one goal and I did, though it scared me a bit how weak I've gotten. Losing weight is not recommended on my frame, and i've lost close to 8 lbs. Ready to start putting it back on though. Can I just say, naps are awesome? Especially with company, have evidence of Sparrow's attachment to me this week, spent most of it draped over me on the couch. Writing 15 min is a good thing, might have to noodle on that one. No resolutions yet at all, other than changing my phone's greeting to me to be :let it go: which is something I need to do more than anything.

  2. Let it go is a good reminder...unless you're talking about more pounds. Don't let those go, you'll blow away in the wind!