Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo Challenge: BRRRRR

Hey, you guys, we raised $90 for Rescue Ink. I think that's pretty cool. Thanks so much for being a part of it. On this cold, rainy day I'm glad to be sending a tiny boost to the folks who are still working in a cold, overcrowded temporary shelter while they rebuild.

We've got some rare photographer sightings in this one so, as ever, your comments and expressions of deep love and admiration are welcomed both in comments here and in the photographers' streams on Flickr. Here's the link to our whole group.

This is a lovely chilly photo from Our Sue but I can't talk about it. All I can talk about is her new dog. She has a new dog, you guys! Her name is Abbie Lynn and she's gorgeous and hilarious and I am in luuurve.

008 snow camp, waking
I'm not going to call protective services or anything because kcinnova's kid seems to be having a ball but, seriously, isn't this the sort of thing we're supposed to saving kids from? On the other hand, this is the kid I want on my side during the zombie apocalypse. There are skills here I'm going to need help with.

Sporting two coats, a new leash, a fancy light on his collar, and his trademark attitude this is my Ed on Christmas morning. Contrast it with his walk this morning in 32F rain where he tried to break into a neighbor's house to request amnesty.

I happen to know, through the wonders of social media, that Our Janet is at home today nursing a cold and watching a snow storm from exactly this vantage point today. Squirrel not included. He's not going out in that snow, either!

This is a first, you guys! It's a video from Our Chili. It's proof both of how cold it is where she lives and of how entertaining it can be to marry an engineer. I think it's displaying properly. Let me know if you have trouble. I know the link to her name works if you need to use that!

Our Cindy has been taking some spectacular pictures lately. You should catch up with her on Flickr and look for her (ElephantSoap) on Instragram. It will make your life more visually interesting, I guarantee it.

This photo from Smalltown Mom made me immediately grateful and slightly guilty. I live in a place where there are people who take care of maintenance issues (in theory) and I'm so glad because this simple and ingenious thing, insulating your water pipes, can prevent disaster. If I was a homeowner I bet I would fail to get that taken care of and be so, so sad. Go you practical lady! You're my inspiration.

Foggy trail
This is a gorgeous capture from Our Lisa's archives. She didn't have a new shot because on the day she got coldest last week she accidentally stranded herself, sweaty from a run, a couple miles from home and decided, shivering and clutching a latte (yes, she brought money but no leggings) to walk the rest of the way home. Let's use this opportunity to remind her that there's no shame in calling for a ride if the conditions are worthy of BRRRRR.

Our Bethany is now in a prime location for getting beautiful ice and snow pictures. This one gives me goosebumps. Stay bundled while you shoot, friend!

We're hitting the time of year that's great for hibernation. At least for me, that was not conducive to a photo prompt until my thoughts went like this: HIBERNATION -> BEAR-> BARE -> HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! So, it's ridiculous but I'm going with it. The next prompt is BEAR/BARE. Do with it as you will from Huggy Bear to Bear Down to Barely There to Bare Freaking Naked, I'm excited to see where you go with this one.

Please enter by 9am Tuesday JANUARY 29th for posting on January 30th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and BEAR/BARE. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


Don't forget that the world premiere run of my new cabaret show, Back Where I Belong, concludes tomorrow night, January 17. Details are here. I hope you can make it and bring all your friends! Please spread the word and use the hashtag, #KizzCabaret.   


  1. I'm shivering. It may be with delight over the pictures, instead of just the cold.

  2. love them all! and still feeling cold :). and thx kizz for donating, so glad for Rescue Inc!

  3. yay for the donation! Loved the pictures, I'm freezing now!

  4. Hooray for donations! And great pictures! And snow! We've had freezing fog her for the past couple of days. I got a couple of pictures but of course it was too late for this photo challenge.
    I admit, my kid is an odd one. He spent nearly 3 weeks total last winter sleeping outside, even on school nights.

    And wow, do I have ever have a great shot for this next challenge! :)