Monday, January 14, 2013


cute max on trunk 0806
I'm tired.

The New Year comes 7 days after Christmas and my birthday comes 8 days after that. I get tired about now every year. Then, apparently, I forget. Add in the show (1 performance left!) and the endless political hammering going on everywhere about everything and the flupocalypse that I'm spending a lot of time trying to dodge and, despite getting plenty of rest, I'm just fucking tired, man. Surprise! (Every year.)

If I can get to Friday night then I can be pretty lazy and for that I'm grateful. In the mean time I keep strict to do lists, self-medicate with low-dairy-content sweets, and whisper sweet nothings to my mattress whenever I see it.

How are you doing out there? The holidays are over, the week is kicking off, many folks are under the weather. Sound off if you have a moment and let us know you're still treading water, will you?


Go to bed early tonight.


If you're planning to come to the last performance of this run of my new cabaret show, Back Where I Belong, please make a reservation. Seats are filling up fast! 


  1. Stowing away the Christmas decorations has led to a massive closet rearrangement. I guess that's a good thing.

  2. Yesterday did me in. I've been trying to get out and exercise more, especially when the weather isn't frigid and I went on a bunch of long walks this week at a high speed (like 1.5 hours, covering 10 or so km). But yesterday, we went to brunch with friends, then I had to come home and nap for pretty much the rest of the day until my yoga class at 5 pm which I could barely get through. I tried to fight it because I wanted to be productive (i.e. clean the house) but i just had to give in and be swallowed by my bed.

    Today was better, even though I had to work. Cleaning the house will happen tomorrow instead, I guess. Or filing... I have lots of that to do, to start sorting out my tax stuff (the joys of being self employed- the paper piles up everywhere!).

  3. We're all doing pretty well. The Bean is coming down with something that we're hoping is just a touch of a cold settling in her throat - elbow kisses until we're clear of that danger. We've managed to be pretty low-key and lazy here at Chez Chili for the last little bit; I think that's done well for our overall state.

  4. All good here! I still have Christmas decor at the end of my room just waiting for me to go out, haul in the rubbermaid tubs, and pack it all back up. It hasn't happened yet. Today however, was a good productive day. Classes begin tomorrow afternoon, and I'm more than likely going to bed early tonight. Dodging the flu doesn't take much strength, just proactive handwashing. But it's bad here, too.
    I'm seeking solace in my treadmill, my kitchen stocked with healthy vitamin rich foods and a bed that is covered with warm covers!

  5. tired. not ready to start the year. took down the dregs of christmas today, except for the lights on the stairs because they feel happy still. hibernating and not too willing to come out yet. forcing myself to start schooling the boys again, and done a bit of cooking for once, but otherwise in slow-motion and very ok with that. loving books and catching up on old shows and keeping it simple. oh, and loving that we still have snow up here, and that the eagle visits every time we have company, and that the wild turkeys truly seem to think the road is their parade ground. low profiles are underrated, yes?