Friday, February 08, 2013

Ask It

Some questions are almost impossible to answer on your own. Maybe crowd sourcing will work.

Why can I never remember how to knit a freaking purl stitch? This baby hat is a mess.

Ok, what do you need to ask?



    Bracing for some major shovelling tomorrow... maybe I'll catch up on my baby hat knitting project too!

  2. I think if you stop calling it 'knit a purl stitch' you'll be halfway there.

    Here's your mental gymnastics: yarn is in front; needle goes through the same loop, but right to left (not 'knitwise')... you pull the loop from front to back... that's why a purl stitch leaves a bump facing you (or an unbump, on the reverse side).

    Do a couple of purl-intensive swatches, and you'll be good for life.

  3. I think I've got it now. The rub was in moving the yarn to the front and then around back again for a subsequent knit. After much trial and error I came around to the fact that you have to move the yarn between the needles before you insert one into a loop. This is not something any of the tutorials I've seen or read has addressed. They're all "yarn in front, insert in front, ta da!" but the tutorial quits after one stitch and no one seems to show doing one knit/one purl etc. so mistakes are easily made. Might be all good now. We'll see! I'm properly 2 rows in on this hat. Miracles can happen!