Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Sense Memory


Processing some of the photos from Italy was hard because the sense memory is so strong. The food and drink were fantastic and we had plenty of time to truly enjoy every bite. I felt just short of gutted when I finished the prosecco pictured here because it was the last glass I'd have in Italy. Every time I look at it I want that taste in my mouth again.


  1. still, 18 years later, I can still taste various delites I loved in Japan and crave them :-)

    I <3 this picture!

  2. just reading this, and I can taste gelato at Trevi fountain, the butter/baguette/tomato eaten on the beach in Barcelona, and the horrid onion pizza in Madrid. Man those memories are strong! May you get more prosecco soon? Not that it will taste the same ...