Monday, February 18, 2013

Not What You Think

Dear Whole Wide World;

I am white, short, my face reads young, and I am often alone. These things do not mean that I am a pushover. If you require further proof I direct you to NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Hack #05067547 Medallion #8G98 and the trip from 15:12 - 15:57 today, February 18, 2013. He thought he could bully me out of my lawful ride because he didn't want to drive that far.

Sorry Charlie.

No, come to think of it I'm not.



  1. sorry to hear, you go! what happened?

  2. I was helping a friend today and my last job of the day was to get in a cab in Manhattan, go to a church in Bed Stuy to drop off one item, then go home in the cab. I had my backpack and Ed in a bag with me. I hailed him on Hudson & Canal. He gave me shit about taking too long to get in the cab. As I told him I was making 2 stops in Brooklyn he started bitching and bitching about how he's about to go off the clock (that's why I left at 3 not at 4 when everyone turns over) and he's not going to spend time going "all over up there" and he's not going to wait and blah blah blah. So I explain that I am calling ahead to have someone meet me at the first place, I am dropping something off and then I'm having him drop me off at my home which is CLOSER TO MANHATTAN AND THEREFORE HELPFUL TO HIM. Still with the bitching and the not going to wait and and and and. I played into it a bit pointing out I was already in the cab and he was obligated to drive me, explaining myself a couple of times, asking him if he wanted my money or not. Finally I just said, "I just want to go and do this, I don't want to talk about it." Suddenly his hood went up and his mouth shut right up. He barely spoke above a whisper, though he needed me to give him directions to where we were going. I debated tipping at all and wound up rounding up a $27 fare to $30. He would have gotten more, maybe as much as $8 if he'd kept his mouth shut but I didn't bother to explain that.

    It always takes me a minute or two to realize that I don't have to have those conversations. It's my right to have a ride so I can request a quiet ride and just keep going. It always feels weird to be in a car with a stranger who's pissed at you.