Friday, February 22, 2013

The Afternoon

New cutI took February off from vocal coaching in order to listen to music, watch movies, read books, and be generally lazy. It has not, in large part, turned out that way. I mean, I've been lazy certainly, but not the gigantic swathes of time spent listening to songs or writing stories or napping that I'd envisioned and maybe even longed for.

Today is the last Friday of the month. First I went to the early, cheap showing of Side Effects with my friend, Bill. Such a good mystery with plenty to think about regarding the financial and pharmaceutical industries as topping. (If anyone has seen it I'd love to talk about it but don't want to spoil anything here.)

Then I got my hair cut. While this was one more thing to do it also counts as a perfect rest-month activity because Tonya is fun and her shop is calm and soothing and we have a lovely time hanging out. Today was, of course, no exception.

Pretty early on she mentioned in passing that she's brainstorming ways to expand her clientele. I listed a few spectacularly average ideas before I took my usual turn into the realm of social media. We spent the rest of my hair cut and a nice chunk of time afterward talking about how Twitter works and why I think it's a powerful and even malleable tool for small businesses.

In the course of my monologue, which wasn't anything resembling linear, I explained, to someone already suspicious of social media's usefulness, that every time I get my hair cut I take pictures of it and put it on the internet. The point I was working toward was that if she had a Twitter handle I'd include that when I posted the pics and would thereby boost her signal and name recognition and whatnot. I hope that's what she heard because I can easily understand how it just came across as weird.

I'll own my weird, though. So here's a slightly arty photo of my new haircut*, both front and back in the same shot. I'm going to tweet it out soon. I hope Tonya sees it.

*That's not a recreational Hitler mustache, I'm still healing from the topical chemo thing, it's peeling and red but doesn't hurt anymore and usually doesn't even itch so it's an improvement.


  1. I like the cut! I love a sleek, geometric, short cut like that. I have asked my stylist to go back to short, too, because I am damned tired of blow drying.

  2. cute hair! and i've actually heard of her establishment...wacky.

  3. omg recreational hitler 'stache, I LOVE it!!! And I love the cut, it looks amazing on you :-)