Friday, February 15, 2013

Wear Your Sunscreen

Filtered For Clarity

Probably all I need to say about this is that when the doctor walked into the exam room yesterday he said, "Yup. The cream never lies." The translation is that the highlighted areas are sun damage.

Wear your sunscreen people.

The top image is filtered in instagram because I think it shows the dots of damage more clearly. See that very dark bit on the bridge of my nose? Totally fucked. Well, not totally. The point of this exercise is to have the cream destroy the evil cells so that surgery is unnecessary. Watch will be kept but so far so good on the no surgery front.

The bottom picture is how I look these days in bathroom light. I've got cortisone cream to use for three days to alleviate the ow and the itch. Then it's Aquaphor at night until healing is accomplished. The scaly, bumpy, disgusting parts should fade in about a week. The redness should be gone in about a month. I've got a follow up appointment in May.

Wear your sunscreen. And a hat. Then take some Vitamin D3.

Got it?


  1. Sunscreen. Hat. Thanks. Those are very good ideas... Glad to hear you've moved on to the 'alleviating ow/itch' phase... Aquaphor is a miracle. Healing likewise... wishing you a speedy path through all that!

  2. I had my biopsy last week. It came back positive for Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Now I'll be having Mohs Surgery soon and then the chemo cream. This is my second round, same spot. And it it right in the middle of my nose! No hiding from this.
    Yes, lots of high test sunscreen!

  3. And hats! It's a great excuse to buy any hat you want.

  4. Miflohny2:07 PM

    Ack! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cream does the trick!