Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go To Your Happy Place

UntitledGiven the day...given the times...given my heart...

10 Things That Are Good

1. These fabulous photos of older people wearing vegetation. I want Lily Pad Lady to be my grandmother. It's a toss up whether Rhubarb Lady or Twig Lady is my favorite.

2. Grumpy Cat is apparently not a fan of The Big Bang Theory.

3. A woman stopped me on the street today to ask about my dog. She insists that Eddie looks exactly like a dog she rescued when her son was three. She took a picture of Ed to text to her now 19-year-old son at college.

4. The dream sequence from Fiddler on the Roof can cure a lot of ills.

5. One of my favorite Carol Burnett Show sketches. The noise Conway makes when he imitates the siamese elephant never fails to destroy me.

6. Photos of Valerie Harper.

7. Eddie Izzard on cake (or death).

8. The book Vaclav and Lena is an absolute delight. It won't take you long to read it.

9. The art that people have submitted for Neil Gaiman's Blackberry Keep Moving project is soothing to the soul. I especially like the ones for July because there are a lot of books.

10. While out walking with Sara this evening I stumbled upon a fancy candy store within walking distance of my house. Suddenly I have a reason to walk all the way to Franklin Avenue. Mmmm, candy.

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  1. #5 is hands down the singularly funniest moment on tv. ever. I die. Everytime