Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I Don't Know Where These Came From

UntitledIt's 10 Things Tuesday and lord knows I've got 10 Things going on in my head at all times but which to share......

1. I thought I'd be doing the cabaret show again this month or next. Due to a big, necessary shake up in Daryl's schedule we're having to postpone until summer. I'm ok with this. It might be a good thing.

2. I'm working on some new music now which puts me in a very different, you'll pardon the expression, headspace. October Project and Carole King are figuring prominently. I have no idea what the next show will look like. (That's ok, I shouldn't know yet.)

3. 15 minutes of writing a day is seeming both huge and tiny. It's too much and not enough. I'm only 12 pages into this (probably) long project and I've been working on it for weeks. A couple of weeks anyway. At this rate it'll take years to finish. I need to work out how to encourage myself to spend a little more time writing every day without having that encouragement throw a wrench in my current, successful every day writing habit.

4. I'm deciding about whether or not to take a course to become a dog trainer. It only happens once a year. It's 10 weeks of theory starting the first week in April and 10 weeks of practical training starting the week of May 12. The idea of it right now seems like TOO MUCH TOO MUCH but with the change in the cabaret plan maybe that's not so crazy. I'm having trouble looking at the idea objectively and just making a decision. This is not brain surgery, no one is going to die over this!

Untitled 5. May 12th is Mothers' Day and the day of Listen To Your Mother. So there could be a small but possibly surmountable scheduling issue. Did I mention you can already purchase your tickets for that?

6. I'll also be re-scheduling our regular Mothers' Day brunch due to the show. They could have gone on without me but I would have been sad to miss it. I think everyone will understand.

7. Last night I went to a 10-year-old's birthday. Saturday I'm going to another 10-year-old's birthday. One is human, one is canine. I just think that's funny.

8. I bought one of the birthday girls a boxed set of Choose Your Own Adventure books. I really hope she likes them! I wasn't sure they were still in print and I'm so glad they are.

9. I feel as though I'm struggling with training my dog lately. It's possible that I went too far putting him in two classes on the same night even though it's only one night a week. It's possible that I'm panicking and not being patient enough for him to show me what he knows. It's possible that, because he loves training, my laziness in training him for a few months is making it hard to rein him in to a learning place. A lot of things are possible. What's a true fact, though, is that I'm having a hard time not being at the head of the class. I am prideful and it's not a good feeling.

10. It is both Women's History Month and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. This means it's Our Janet's Month twice over! Please let her know how happy we are to still have her around (also check out the sweet video of her grand kid making eggs, that kid is glorious). 

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  1. re: #7 - I think that's funny, too!

    #10 - lord knows a couple folks are a little happy about that ;-)