Friday, March 08, 2013

International Wallowing Day

CRT photo shoot 10

It's International Women's Day. I watched Makers: Women Who Made America yesterday so you'd think I'd have something intricate and clever and borderline brilliant to say about it. All I seem to come up with is "look at my cool friends" "reproductive rights are the cornerstone of equality" and "did Phyllis Schlafly know that she was proving the point of all her critics?"

The thing that keeps coming up for me, though, is how amazed I am that we're still fighting these battles. That, despite having made such strides toward equality, we can't even get a majority of voting people to affirm the basic humanity of women. It is still deemed acceptable to teach women to avoid rape but no one is making a big national deal about teaching men not to rape and making men accountable. The law of the land makes it possible to humiliate and violate a woman seeking basic reproductive health care but we still aren't getting paid the same amount as men so we have to pay more while getting less.

The most galling part is that a lot of the people ensuring these inequalities (on purpose) are women.

I'm seeing a lot of wonderful, uplifting, pro-women posts around the internet. I'm glad for them and hope you'll seek them out. I hate to be a party pooper but today, it seems, I'm wallowing a bit in the despair of a long war still unwon.

Tomorrow we we fight!

But tonight I'm going to drown my sorrows in ice cream and wine.

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