Friday, March 01, 2013

Kicking Off A Third Month


Just minutes ago I finished writing for 15 minutes. That's something I've done every day since January 1st. I'll admit that a maybe once a week or so it's been less than 15 minutes. Sometimes I do a brain dump, sometimes I wrote one of the many versions of my Listen To Your Mother piece, sometimes I write on this longer story. I've gotten to a place where if I get near the end of the day and I haven't written I'd rather do the work than go to bed without trying. Even if I don't feel I'm getting a ton of quality work done getting something done is better than getting nothing done. More than once I've gotten to a place where a project simply isn't working and I've had the strength to both push through and to abandon it for an attack from a different angle. Overall I feel like I'm getting somewhere. No idea where that might be but it's awfully nice to be on the road.

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  1. yay you! that's most impressive, and inspiring too. roads are delightful places.