Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh Starred File, I Will Miss You

UntitledGoogle announced on Wednesday that, as of July 1st, they will discontinue their RSS Reader with no product to replace it. That may just be a bunch of English words that don't mean anything to some of you. It's kind of a pain in the patoot for me because that's a way I learn a lot of the stuff that's important to me and that I pass on to you. There are alternatives in the works, I'm told, but I'm going to wait a while to make any changes so I can hear some researched reviews. We've got until July 1st so, while we wait, I thought a starred file post was in order.

If you don't look at Advanced Style very often you should go check in. This woman from yesterday's entry is delightful. I won't even spoil the punchline of her story so you can go read it.

You wouldn't think that floor plans of fictional places would be so fascinating but look at these for some classic TV shows. I pored over them like I was about to take out a mortgage!

In the middle of this Gothamist post is a "quick and easy" way to fix your credit score. Might as well try it!

I am not surprised in the least that this sign is on a German Shepherd. I am, however, a little surprised that this dog, who is blind, got this sign.

Here is some eye candy for the man and dog lovers amongst you!

Untitled This is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. I may already have mentioned it. Our Janet wrote a post about it that and, since she's a survivor, you might want to heed her advice.

Did you hear about the game designer dad whose daughter wanted to be a princess and kill the bad guy?

The fact that Michael Vick had to cancel his book signing tour is not of that much interest. The fact that we, as a society, are in a place where there's a viable financial reason to publish a book by this...guy is interesting. Mostly because I want to figure out how to fix it!

I could be sharing this other Advanced Style entry because I want to learn to dress like this woman but I'm not. I'm sharing it because of the story of how he got the picture. Read the description and then ask yourself, am I both that patient and that brave? I am not. I want to be.

Untitled Here is a post about how South Dakota is extending its already 72-hour waiting period for an abortion (I wish I had the relevant stats on the state's gun purchase waiting law, if any, to put up beside this). I'm posting it on the day it was announced that North Dakota is making abortions after 6 weeks (well before many women know they're pregnant) illegal. Lizz Winstead explains, "This is all happening because in the Casey v Planned Parenthood ruling, the Supreme court allowed states to chip away at Roe as long as there was no "Undue Burden" on the woman. You tell me what defines undue burden. It is astounding. If people organized and should their state legislators, who are far more threatened by constituents that if they continue this shitwitterey they will be tossed out, they will take notice. ORGANIZE LOCALLY FOLKS! Educate yourselves on the laws being passed in your state, who is pushing for them and target your focus. Part of the A IS FOR mission is to create and keep current a one stop map so you can go there and get answers as to what laws are being passed in your state and by whom as well as who is organizing so you can join the fight. PLEASE help us help all of you take this on locally. It is where we will win!! DONATE A is For"

I am not a weekend home kind of person. I am not above temptation, though. These little spots on an old Catskills resort for under $12,000 (some well under) took me away like Calgon.  

I'm having a lot of trouble reading anything about the Steubenville rape case. I am so glad it's deepening the conversation on what sort of anti rape education we should be working on . (Hint: teaching girls how not to be raped = bad, teaching boys how not to rape = good) Here are some of the early words of Zerlina Maxwell, a rape survivor, who has been featured prominently in the coverage of the case. The response to her words is as disturbing as the fact that she has to say them. 

There is so much to feel about this tattoo. I am feeling all of it. 

In that same vein, if you haven't seen this short clip (I'm actually linking to a series of GIFs rather than the clip but you get the idea) of a long, interesting art/performance piece you should gift the time to yourself. You deserve it. There's a lot in it to think about. 

And finally, some TV stuff to end with because I love TV. If you love Parenthood you will love this. If you love Friday Night Lights you will love this. If you love both you will fall over dead from a glut of love in your system and you will never be revived but you will go to a heaven where Sara Braverman finally marries Tim Riggins and Mrs. Coach serves canapes to Grampa Zeke at the reception.


  1. the Supreme court allowed states to chip away at Roe as long as there was no "Undue Burden" on the woman. You tell me what defines undue burden.

    I would say that prohibiting abortion from before a woman knows she's pregnant is an undue burden.

  2. i love that you read Advanced Style. and i love every person he features on there. i want to hug all of them.

    the video of Abramovic and Ulay made me sob. gut-wrenching sobs. i'm glad Chris wasn't home last night when i watched it, he would have been concerned

    i'm so sick of the abortion issue in this country. women have the right to abort, and people need to STFU about how "wrong" it is...and they need to stop chipping away at it.

  3. loved that tattoo!!! And the older fashionable ladies :-) And the fact you mentioned me. And you :-) oh, and the floor plans!