Thursday, March 28, 2013

While My Dog Yells At Us

UntitledNothing wrong with some random thoughts is there?

* Today I ran into one of our occasional weekend dog walkers. It was the first time we'd talked since he'd last walked Ed. Had to apologize to him. Apparently he showed up and Ed was so happy to see him he went running around on top of all the furniture like a mad man. We had the following embarrassing conversation:

"I thought, 'he's going to bite me.'"

"Did he bring you a bone while he was running?"


"That's his fail safe. He used to bite me on the hand when I came home and I'd give him a toy to protect myself. So he's trained himself to bring the toy first." [big pause] "So, yeah. Sorry. He was going to bite you." [bigger pause] "But he didn't!"

* Do you like pretty pictures of happy people? Check out Amber's post about why she supports marriage equality. It'll warm your cockles.

* Have you checked out my post about gun regulation lately? We're getting some info and I've learned a lot so far.

Untitled * Feministing did a nice translation of SCOTUS thoughts on marriage equality. Yet somehow they manage to end on an up note.

* Karen Walrond took a photography class and her review of it made me fall deeply in love with photographer Brooke Shaden. I can't find prices for Brooke's work. I fear this means I can't afford any of it. I really want a lot of her pieces.

* Here's an important quote from NFL player, Don McPherson. He's talking about the lack of a call for accountability from the Steubenville rapists but he's pointing out that it's part and parcel of an entirely sexist culture. It was similar to something I said a long time ago.

* Speaking of Steubenville, Jane Doe has asked people to come together to support a shelter for female victims of violence. It's going well but we can always do more.

* And, you know, while we're on the subject let's note that a hacker got 41 months for stealing emails. That is significantly longer than the Steubenville rapists were sentenced to. It might be the time to ask ourselves why. Is money more important than people...if those people have vaginas?

Untitled * One more on this subject. From personal experience I want to urge you to assume that when you talk about this rape, or any rape, that at least 3 people in your acquaintance will have been through something similar. They may not want to talk about it but they are there. Keep them in your heart when you form your opinions on the subject.

*Here, let's talk about something else. Look at this amazing paper art. I sort of wish I had the patience for that sort of work.

* I'm not hard core selling the Listen To Your Mother thing because people keep mistaking the date as March instead of MAY. In April I'll begin my stronger pitch. Tickets are on sale, though. You could buy tickets if you wanted...for May 12th at 5pm at Symphony Space. They're cheaper if you buy them before the day of. If you're not close enough to come to the one I'm reading in you might be close to another production. You should go to that one. You'll be glad you did.

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