Monday, April 01, 2013

UPDATE: No Different From Other Days


Today is the day when you can't believe anything you read on the internet. I'm not entirely sure how that makes it different than any other day but there is a heightened awareness, to be sure. I've caught two blatant pranks already and yet I'm sure they'll catch up at least a couple of readers.

I'm not much of a pranker. On a day like today, though, it's good to disclaim.


Yesterday the above picture showed up on Facebook from a rescue organization in Baltimore. That dog is 18 years old. His owner just died and now he's in a shelter. Happy Fucking Easter, dog. I always want to help but usually can find a good reason not to. In this case I figured that, since he was featured online and had a sad story he'd get a lot of response. Since I couldn't get down to Baltimore to get him before the internet took care of him then I could stop worrying.

This morning I saw the same photo posted by a Brooklyn friend who had tagged her sister who lives in? Baltimore! I pledged cash to help get him out of hock and said that, if needed (as long as he gets along with cats and dogs) he can come live with us. The sister has already called the shelter and it doesn't open until 2pm on Mondays. She's going to call at 2.

All of this is not especially remarkable. I know cool people. They know cool people. As a group we are sometimes able to do very cool things. What I'm finding remarkable is how much I want this to work out. It's very likely that someone else will already have adopted Toby (that's his name). If my friend and her sister get him out of jail it's possible that they will want to keep him or that he's not strong enough to be moved or that he hates all other animals. We don't know anything about him yet.

I already have plans for him, though. They involve a lot of snuggling.

UPDATE: Toby has been pulled from the pound by a rescue organization. They are searching for a foster home for him. Unfortunately he does not like other animals or children so he won't be a safe fit for me or the fabulous L Sisters who did all the research on him today. We're all a little sad not to help him specifically but know that it's for the best. The lesson for me, though, is that I am probably more ready to help a senior dog than I thought and I should keep an eye out at the rescue orgs that I'm connected to now. That's...not a total shocker but it did sneak up on me.


  1. oh, that poor baby. :( i'm glad you're helping to get him out. where is he, anyway?

  2. I hope he can find a good home and live out the rest of his life with lots of treats.

  3. that's why I won't get another dog after Wolf...I'm getting to be older lol! I would foster tho!

  4. I'm going to wait and see how you go after Wolf (in a million years when he finally fades into dust gently). You never know...

    Size is a factor when you're older. Have to match the size of the dog with one's tendency to fall. Adopting older dogs is possible. And making out a will. I was saying to Laura that I HAVE to get on that!