Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not All But Most


Ten Things Tuesday won't be all about Listen To Your Mother today but there's going to be a generous sprinkling, you can bet on it.

1. Have you bought your tickets to Listen To Your Mother yet? There are 24 cities, all featuring local writers. I'd love it if you'd go to one. If you're skeptical I think you might be surprised at how much you like it. (They're not all on the same day so you should look for the city near you and find out what their date is.)

2. Yesterday Our Misti watched her city's show sell out, which had to have been a marvelous feeling. Her response was to rent more chairs and sell some more tickets. When I checked a few hours ago there were only 20 seats left from the new number. I don't know what ticket sales are like in other cities but I feel as though this is a cautionary tale. If you're interested (you are, you are!) then don't wait to buy. Last year I waited and only got a ticket at the last minute when some cancellations came in. Fellow cast member, Laura Pruden, tells me she wound up making some black market kind of a deal buying a ticket in the ladies room on the day of the show. Will NYC sell out? We don't know but let's not put it to the test by waiting.

3. Speaking of tickets and shows and whatnot, I booked my cabaret show, Back Where I Belong, in a new-to-me venue. One night only (June 7th at 7pm) I'll be performing at The Duplex in NYC's West Village. I'd really like to show these people what my story and my friends are like. Please, please, please, please come see me. You can make reservations right now by clicking this link.

4. Yesterday an NBA player came out. I'm glad he did and it was wonderful to see what care he took with his detailed and heartwarming announcement. Most news outlets have been quick to say that he is the first active pro sports player to come out. Feministing reminds us that they missed a word. That word is male.

5. Do you want to get a taste of a Listen To Your Mother show before you buy your ticket? Misti includes a video excerpt of yesterday's rehearsal in this post.

6. I often joke that my job could be done by a middling-intelligent monkey. Some poor admin at Sotheby's points out that I'm exaggerating. (Side note: What is Sotheby's doing looking for admins on Craig's List?)

7. These pretty charts showing the age of some Hollywood leading men as compared to their leading women makes me feel roily in my tummy.

8. Are you having trouble figuring out a Mothers Day present for a mom? You should buy a ticket to a LTYM show. If that's absolutely not possible for you here are some other ideas that are cute. Not as cute as tickets to LTYM, though. You want to give that mom an experience.

9. This item deserves its own post but I'm so angry about it that I'm having trouble stringing words together. Better to get the info out in the world a little further right now than to wait until I can wrap my words around it. People (people like Rush Limbaugh but still, technically, people) are equating the younger Tsarnaev brother with Trayvon Martin. These people are angry that both boys' life stories are being told in the news. They feel that treating either of them, an innocent young man shot down on his way home from a convenience store and a slightly older young man with some unknown involvement in a scheme that killed and injured hundreds, as whole humans is a shameful thing. They thinks that equating these two men is correct. I can't fucking even. Bastards.

10. Let's end up on a neato keen note about World Book Night. This tale of book giving made me feel a little sorry for my earlier misgivings.

Now go buy your tickets to LTYM and make a reservation to come see my show. OK? Please?

*Photo is a tribute to Mothers Day. Queen Bee took that in Venice of me and Mama Kizz. We look great because we've gotten over our jet lag. That photo was taken the day before we returned to the US.

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