Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Challenge BASK/TASK

I think I weirded people out with this one. Sorry about that. It brought some good photos, though! Enjoy them below, comment, check out the many other entries I couldn't include that are lounging in our Flickr pool, and then check out the next prompt!

I surprised myself by picking this one out of Our Lisa's offerings. I was sure I was going to choose the one of her beautiful mom but there's something about the directness of this fried dough joy that kept calling me back. (On a technical note the kid in the pink behind her doesn't hurt but I don't think she factored into my decision.)

This one was a surprise to me, too. Our Bethany also offered a shot of her new homeplace and it made me feel exactly as she said it would, peaceful, but I couldn't click it. This one got the click. (Technical note here is D's red sparking up the right side but, again, don't think it tipped the scale for me.)

Better put some sunscreen on before you bask!
Our Sue often makes me laugh this is no exception. Everyone in this shot makes me want to buy stock in sunscreen and skin grafting equipment. I can tease them about it because I look just like they do.

Yes, I've taken a nice contemplative photo of a sweet, elderly kitty. What you don't know is that he's diabetic and has a taste for frosting. This was at a birthday party and he was looking through me at the Decorate A Cupcake Like Kermit table, figuring out how to get to the big bowl of green frosting. He'd already eaten the top off the demo cupcake.

foot and hands
Our Janet slingshotted me back to my childhood with this one. Technically she catapulted me back to about 10 years after that when I compulsively paged through scrapbooks of the aforementioned childhood. Complicated but true.

 Let's go super simple. It's been so nice out the last couple of days that I'm desperate for simple. Naturally the prompt is SIMPLE.

Please enter by 9am Tuesday April 23rd for posting on April 24th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and SIMPLE. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


The New York City Listen To Your Mother Show is happening on May 12, 2013 at 5pm at Symphony Space. Ticket and venue information can be found here. I hope to see you there! If you aren't close to this show please check this site to see if there is a LTYM show near you.


  1. You know what...that's Dave's foot! I thought it was mine, but after seeing that toe shape thing on FB this morning, I took a closer look and realized that's not my foot LMAO!

    Loved the fried dough shot, and the kids on the tree is so cool! The fish belly white legs in the boat pic, LMAO! I'm afraid that's going to be me from now on. And kitty booboo! Cute!

  2. Is it creepy to admit that I thought it was Dave's foot but didn't want to say?

  3. ROFLMAO! Not in the least ;-)

  4. Silly me...I tagged a photo, but then forgot to actually add it to the pool.