Thursday, May 30, 2013

City Sermon


Some days the whole world is our classroom.

Three men are standing near each other on a sidewalk in front of a store window. Men A and B are talking to each other. Man C is concentrating on his cell phone as if looking up information for the continuation of his journey. Suddenly Man C sneezes and walks off. He makes a vague gesture toward covering up but it's not even close to the oft-preached chicken wing technique. Man A immediately gets a sour look on his face, waves a newspaper in front of himself as if to dissipate the snot spray, and wanders away from the area. As he wanders Man B trails along behind. They manage to cut off several pedestrians in the through-way, slow the flow of traffic in that lane of the sidewalk, and finally come to rest directly in front of the store's one point of entry or exit, completely blocking it. Man A maintains his expression of disbelief that someone could be so inconsiderate as to sneeze without noticing what impact that might have on the people around him.

Thus endeth our real life lesson of the day. The theme? Practice what you preach.

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