Friday, May 24, 2013

While We Grill

Triptych 1It's a holiday weekend around these parts. As this blissful break has grown closer the weather report has grown bleaker. Between this morning's jaunt to the dog park and this afternoon's puppy stroll the temperature dropped seven degrees and the rain began. It's in the 40s now and raining and gray and I am perfectly ok with that. It's good for napping and inside-the-house things which I like very much.  People get uppity when you don't have fancy plans on a bright, sunny holiday.

It's also good for remembering. While over here we're putting our feet up people in many parts of the world are struggling to rebuild. Thought I'd update you on ways we can help the folks in Oklahoma who were hit by those fierce tornadoes.

* If you go to the donation page for Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma they explain how donations will help them to support their area (you can even do that give-by-text thing that everyone is so fond of). Knowing a member of the organization I've been told a few stories this week that make it easy for me to promote giving to them. They aren't my tales to tell but please believe me when I say that they're doing fantastic work.

* Donors Choose is always a favorite charity for me. They leapt into action immediately and you can enrich their OKC support easily.

* I chose one animal related organization to give to with our Photo Challenge (Forever Yours) but I chose it from a list made by a friend who knows the rescue community over there very well. If you'd like to support some others, here's the whole list: Animal Resource Center, Inc.; Pet Food Pantry; Safe Haven Animal Rescue. Not all of them are set up for online donations but it should be evident where checks can be mailed.

Knowing that not nearly everyone who sustained damage from Sandy here on the East Coast is back in their homes and at their jobs and schools yet makes it all too easy to reckon how very long it will be before the Oklahomans will be able to get to their new normal. I am discouraged by how we are unable to recover from one thing before the next horror happens but I am heartened by all the help I see people giving.

Thank you for all you do. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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