Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Photo Challenge: BOOST

As you may remember this photo challenge went up shortly after some terrible tornado damage in Oklahoma. During the 2 week submission period there has been more trouble in the same areas so I'm pleased to announce that we had 9 photographers submit photographs this time around which means $45 for Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma and $45 for Forever Yours, an animal rescue organization doing hard labor in the aftermath of the storms. I'm going to round it up to $50 each and it's still not much but it's something and every little bit helps, we all know that. Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who has donated to the cause.

Please let the photographers know how much you appreciate them and scroll down for the next prompt. Anyone can join! (Now I have to disclaim that. Anyone who can navigate the maze of the Flickr update can join.)

One of my favorite artists: Buddy Guy!
Technically this one was for the previous prompt, ART, but it came in late and I didn't catch it in time to include it in that round up. I'm including it here both so we don't miss it and to be able to count it in our donation tally. I can't believe that Our Ana got this close to Buddy Guy! I've seen him live once but I was much farther away.

Drop It - Exciting
This is Neptune, a demonstration dog in a class for dog trainers that I audited last weekend. They were teaching her drop it but she's such a good girl that she wasn't excited enough about anything to hold on to it long enough to learn so they tried to rile her up. Look at her eyes. She is so confused but so happy to be playing a game.

Helping hand
Yet again Our Lisa makes it super hard for me to choose. She offered three spot on, fabulous shots for this prompt. I feel as though this is the "best" one but your mileage may vary. You should check out her photostream to decide for yourself.

My Assistant enjoying the Single Girl quilt.
Are we not all boosted by a goofy dog? Thanks to Trashalou for indulging us. Bonus points for displaying the dog on a quilt made of O for Oklahoma!

Boost - Ballooning in Coalinga
This photo makes me think two things. 1. Despite being somewhat afraid of heights I've always thought it would be nice to take a balloon ride. 2. Our Sueb0b looks very different after her commitment to a healthy eating regimen. She looks lovely in this shot, which is from 2007, but so different from the woman I am used to seeing over the past year. Gorgeous no matter which year you drop in on her!

shared birthdays
I feel like we stole this pic from the pages of a teen magazine self-esteem column. No, no, it's just something Our Bethany took at a party in their Brooklyn home. It's fantastic and so was the party!

Wolf's breakfast!
I love when Our Janet posts photographic evidence of what she feeds her dog because it reminds me that I am not alone! Holistic pet care really works, you guys, and our pets are living proof.

I have known Our Alisun most of my life and she has always had a killer sense of humor. I think this interpretation of BOOST proves it.

There is something absolutely surreal about this view out Our Cindy's office window (I think) even though I know that geese can fly. I have so many questions. Why there? Why is he alone? Do the rest of his Vee know he's gone? Did he at least leave a note?

Friday night is my show. Please, please, please, even if you can't come can you find some way to talk it up? I am 7 people short of the magic number and, while I'm pretty sure I will have at least 20 folks there, the reservation list does not reflect that...yet. As soon as that's done I go home, sleep fast, get up, walk the dog, pick up the rental car, and head North for my cousin, TG's, annual lobster bake. For those unfamiliar with this practice you pack lobster, corn, clams, hot dogs, and eggs in seaweed and steam them in seawater. Once you've have lobster (or corn or clams or, really, even hot dogs) done that way every other way pales in comparison.

The next prompt? STEAMY. Doesn't have to mean seafood. Run with it!

Please enter by 9am Tuesday June 18th for posting on June 19th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and STEAMY. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


  1. Buddy Guy! One of Boston's best harmonica players, James Montgomery, plays with him from time to time :-)

    So many great pictures! Love the writing on the wall :-) And Lone Goose!

    btw, Our Cindy helped me with a variation of a specific yoga pose yesterday and when I tried it in class that night, the instructor said oh look, in the back there's a perfect reclining pigeon pose! I simultaneously laughed and felt proud LOL!

  2. Apparently you CAN get everything you need on the internet. And then you can bring it to yoga class!

  3. Miflohny1:38 PM

    So sorry I missed your show - hope it was FABULOUS (and had a large audience) and that you enjoyed the lobster bake!

  4. Kizz, I added one photo today and there are two others from way back that I'd like to submit...just search for 'temp' and 'add more tags!'

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