Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taped Live Before A Studio Audience

OK, it was a theatre audience and there was no tape involved but if you ever watched a prime time episode of All in the Family you know where my title is coming from. This is all to announce that in record time for so much information the brilliant Listen To Your Mother team has launched videos from this year's shows around the nation.

At first glance it's an overwhelming number of stories to watch but then you realize that you only have to listen to one at a time. I'm excited to see the show that Our Misti and her team put together but, since I didn't have time for the whole thing last night, I just watched her bit of it (just one, the gateway story) and am I ever glad I did. As a far away friend it was a delight simply to hear her voice and I got to hear this amazing story, too. (I do wonder why she's never made sure I hold my breath when I spray Pam, though. Maybe we're not as close as I thought.)

During the NYC show I sat in the audience for the first half and almost directly behind the podium for the second. I'll probably watch the latter half first on the YouTube because I want to see my fellows' expressions! It was a thrilling evening and I couldn't be more proud to be able to share it with those of you who couldn't attend on the night. Since Spoonable was a sponsor of our show Michelle was notified when the videos went live. She emailed me last night with the subject line: "kizzy you made me cry" and the body of the message said, "that was beautiful." This is what I like to hear.

On the other hand, don't feel obligated to say that or anything else! Compare and contrast what I had to share with the tales of my NYC colleagues and those from around the country. Savor a story here and there, take the time to go through as many as your computer and your emotions will allow. Trust me, these things can be a wild ride. Revel in the details and be enthralled by the overall concept.

Speaking of which, Listen To Your Mother thanks national video sponsor ThePartnership at We're proud to promote their message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse!  Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic. (I copied and pasted this from our info sheet about The Partnership so it is their wording. While the nature of the work means that they are focusing on parents I'm willing to bet they'd be happy to have all kinds of people join the pledge.)

So, where do you see all this stuff? Here is my specific story (embedded above). Here you find the collected stories of the NYC show. Here are the OKC ones. Finally, here's a link to the all 24 cities! Enjoy. Don't stay up too late, they'll still be here tomorrow.


  1. lovely. and well read.

  2. so many delights to look forward to :). watched Misti's the night you put it on FB, and utterly loved it, more to come I'm sure! So very glad I got to see at least one show in person ... will be back next year!

    1. oops, logged in as my husband, sorry!

  3. Loved Misti's and yours, so went to the "all 24 cities", bookmarked it and listening off and on. Some hilarious, some tear jerkers but all worthwhile.

  4. The "live" version is even better than your text version! Thanks so much for sharing...