Sunday, August 18, 2013

Year Three Complete

Tiled Photo

I have told everyone who will listen (and some who tried not to) that today is Eddie's Homecoming Day.

I honestly thought that the act of becoming a dog person would change my life but that would be it. I had no idea that each dog could change you just as dramatically.

I have to tell you, I like him. Kind of a lot. I think I'll keep him around.


  1. happy (belated) year 3! keeper for sure. love the eddie/foot shot btw.

  2. if i ever find myself in/near NYC for a show (OMG PUPPY IN A FEW WEEKS), you realize we're going to have to have a playdate, right? :D

  3. He's an inadequate foot warmer, this dog.

    Oh we sure ARE having a playdate!

  4. PS: around September 17 or 18, take a peek at my blog. will be posting photos. :)