Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crowd Sourcing Cheer


This is one of my favorite pictures from this year's Mermaid Parade excursion. Every time I look at it I am happier. I love that she's ok with me being silly and she's playing along. The expression she's got is priceless. I had this, possibly questionable, inspiration that it would make the perfect holiday card. Maybe not for everyone but I have a history of making slight off center choices for my annual mailing. The problem here is not the photo, I think the people I send my cards to will like this photo. The problem is the caption. My first inspiration was, "Wishing you a delicious new year!" Then I faltered a little. Is that too suggestive? Is it gross? Is it offensive in some way I'm not even seeing? When I ran it by jrh she politely said that she loved the photo and we could brainstorm a less charged caption.

You may have guessed already that this is where you come in. Any ideas for a cheery, all-encompassing, holiday message to go with this picture? Please?


  1. i cannot help you. i'm the weirdo who sent out Krampus cards to friends and family, many of whom are Catholic and easily disturbed.

  2. Did your card list get considerably shorter after that or did you just get inundated with letters about how folks were praying for you? I love those cards!

  3. i had a lot of very confused questions and yes, offers of prayer to save my soul. :) prior to sending them out i asked if anyone wanted cards from me, and when i got the responses i reminded them they did ask for a card.

    i haven't sent out cards since (last year it didn't happen for obvious reasons) but i wonder how few i'll have asking for cards this year?

    PS: want a Krampus card? i still have a few left. :)

  4. Of COURSE I want a Krampus card, it's awesome! Please. Should I DM you my address on Twitter? (Why does that sentence structure make me sound very old?)

  5. hahaha! i'd prefer it if you email me. my address is the same, falnfenix at gmail.