Monday, September 16, 2013

Defining My Curve

I get frustrated with my learning curve. How does that make me different from everyone else? It doesn't. I know! Still, I get frustrated and would rather someone just do it for me or show me how in exactly the way that I, and only I, will understand with no practice. The no practice part is important.

At Blogher this year I attended a session led by Katy Morgan that I just didn't know about. I rarely even watch videos online so would I make them? Only time would tell.

Katy is a gregarious and inspiring presenter. By the time I left the room that day I was ready to try. She'd said that iMovie was so easy anyone could learn it in a snap. She'd also said that you could film and edit a video on your phone. I thought she said those two things together. Like, "Anyone can learn to edit video on your phone overnight!" I'm now wondering if maybe that's not what she actually said, just how she made me feel. Like I said, inspiring!

I have spent the intervening weeks proving that not everyone can learn this stuff overnight. In short bursts I frustrated myself and lost video over and over. I kept accumulating clips even when I had tried and failed to be able to edit them. I was on the verge of giving up but it kept nagging at me.

This weekend I figured out (after many more failed attempts) how to move the video I had from iMovie on my phone to iMovie on my laptop. Once I accomplished that I poked around the program and made my very first video. The subject matter, me eating an ice cream sandwich on some steps on Park Avenue, isn't particularly engaging and the editing is rudimentary at best. The thing is? I made a fucking video, people! It's under half a minute long but it includes several different clips stitched together. I added titles at both the beginning and the end and everything (not everything, I don't know how to deal with sound yet so I recommend turning your volume all the way down). I am inordinately proud of my short, boring video so I'm going to share it with you here. Thank you for indulging me.



  1. YOU DID IT! I'm so excited for you, Kizz. Now to tackle the sound, right? I actually have it on my content calendar to create an iMovie tutorial, but maybe you could just do that for me. ;) Thanks so much for the kind words, and I'm THRILLED that you were inspired to start creating video. All the best, and keep it up!

  2. Oh, I'm clearly only qualified to write about what NOT to do at this point. Maybe soon I'll be at tutorial level. Maybe.

    Thanks again for all your encouragement.

  3. ...i need an ice cream sammich. seriously.

  4. Congrats on your first mini film! It left me wanting more (and an ice cream sandwich) so I hope you'll experiment more with it.

  5. You're all way too kind.

    It's a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich. If you ever have the opportunity to eat one I can't recommend them enough!

  6. Sooza W.11:15 AM

    Nice work! (and love the shoes, btw)

    I actually think that iMovie is a lot harder to learn than one might think. It certainly is easier to learn that a "professional" level program like FinalCut or AVID, but it's not completely intuitive for everyone. I work a lot with tech-phobic teachers and one of the things I keep telling them is not to expect to learn this overnight, but that they CAN learn it and they WILL. I also think that once someone figures out exactly what they will be able to do with (insert name of technology here), they will love it.

    You should be very proud of both the film and your determination/commitment.

  7. Well done! And you will get better the more you play with it