Thursday, November 07, 2013

Different Approaches

In case you hadn't noticed I want to point out that I'm sort of combining NaBloPoMo with NaPhoPoMo. It's not a perfect system, like yesterday it was part of the Photo Challenge but I still posted a photo! I've got tons of marathon photos waiting to be processed but I'm ready for that because last night I finished with the last of the Halloween ones.

I love this shot because it illustrates the very different approaches to adversity taken by two dogs who otherwise seem to be so bonded that they might share a brain. Here you see Ed sitting in the back staring at the camera willing me to just take the damn picture and release him. In the face of something distasteful he slowly shuts down systems until someone notices and rescues him. (Anyone who knew me as a child might note the similarities in our approach and I wouldn't be able to deny it.) Bu on the other hand is not one to take his punches lying down. He's constantly bobbing and weaving and throwing down behaviors in a desperate quest to hit upon the one thing that will convince us to end the madness. (If anyone knows his people well...let's just sum it up by saying that they're generally the proactive types.) I did get a couple of shots where Bu was still but I have more that are like this one.

I like it. It's honest and I honestly love this goofballs.

Long Suffering

*Bucephalus is sporting the costume sent to him by PetSmart after our giveaway....I sent photos and explained his size but this is what happened. We made it work.


  1. his name is Bucephalus?!? oh that's fantastic!

  2. Hope they got lots of treats for this!