Monday, November 18, 2013

Jerry Lewis for Labia

Lizz Winstead, Sarah Silverman, and a vadge full of their friends are doing a telethon to raise money for women in Texas who need abortions. It is happening right now and will go on until 10 tonight. There is a whole lot of funny going on. My favorite joke so far came from Winstead when she talked about people who say, "I don't want to pay for your birth control." She said, "The weird thing is they don't want to pay anything for my birth control and I would pay any amount for theirs!"


Watch if can. More importantly donate. Choice is vital and when you take away women's bodily autonomy you're violating our civil rights. You cannot be anti-choice and pro-woman, they do not fit in the same, you'll pardon the expression, box.

Pass the word. Pass the laws. Pass your credit card number.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can choose.

*Full disclosure, the live feed is a little choppy, they're in a basement, they want all the money to go to the women who need it not to overhead. Stick with it. It's worth it.

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