Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Kid

WItchy PooI only met this kid a few years ago when she came to join Lilybainne's family. Of course I liked her right away. She's outgoing, sunny, thoughtful, and intelligent, what's not to like? It takes some time to get to know someone, though, and with the way my blogging has been changing I haven't written extensively about her...yet.

For the past two years KL and Lilybainne have come to see the PUPkin and cheer Eddie on. It's a treat to have people outside of the regular neighborhood crowd support us and I'm really grateful they make the trek. This year I spoke to them briefly before I headed to the stage to get ready but had to go too quickly. I get pre-show jitters, you guys.

The sound guys had a glitch and we were a little late starting. Then suddenly it was fixed and Kath wanted me to start NOW so I asked her where the cards were. The cards, you see, have the names and numbers of each contestant on them and I can't announce anyone without that information. Kath told me they were at the registration table, of course, and told me to get them. I had barely gotten two steps up the grand staircase toward registration when Kath's voice boomed out over the speakers, "Hey you guys, I don't know where our emcee went but we need to get started!" Instantly my plan needed to change.

I waded three more steps into the crowed until I could lock eyes with KL standing at the top of the first flight with her mom and a friend. "Hey!" I yelled, "I need you to go up to the registration table, up there," I pointed like I was working a Greek amphitheater, "tell them that Kizzy said to give you the cards and then bring the cards down to me, please? OK?"

This effusive storyteller of a kid looked me straight in the eye and nodded firmly twice then took off like a rocket. I bounded back on stage and reclaimed the mic from Kath.

I had barely gotten through our list of sponsors when KL appeared in front of me like a vision. No hovering on the edge of the stage asking others for permission to complete her assigned task. No dawdling on her way up or down. No hesitation or convolution to her at all. She handed me the cards, I thanked her, and she melted into the audience again like an extremely helpful apparition.

She's got a great way about her, this kid. She's got confidence but not arrogance. She's intensely creative and wildly generous. I wouldn't call her fearless, I mean, she's not crazy, but she is brave. She is a joy to be around and she took a huge weight off of me on a day when I was feeling unsure of myself. There was no way to thank her enough there on stage or afterwards in the crush of clean up. There probably isn't a way to thank her enough here, either, but I want to try.

I want you to know how great these kids I know are. They impress me at every turn and in ways I don't expect. I am endlessly grateful to have them around and wish I remembered to tell them more often. (New Year's resolution?)

If you see this kid on the street please know that you are having a brush with greatness...and act accordingly.

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  1. most excellent. all of it. and pre-show jitters be damned, sorry I didn't get to see you rock it!