Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Things About Snow

Winny & Sonny Loving the SnowIt's that time of year again. I think I can manage ten things!

1. It's the first "real" snow of the year.

2. I'm excited about it.

3. Wearing glasses in a snow shower is bullshit.

4. I remain firmly on Team Umbrellas Are Not For Snow (unless you have a baby in a front carrier and are protecting it because I'll forgive you the umbrella when you aren't running me over with your SUV-sized stroller).

5. Black ice is not just a hazard to vehicles.

6. Your boots may be waterproof but, depending on the temperature, there may be ice at the bottom of that puddle and I bet your pants aren't.

7. The snow is much prettier from 37 floors up.

8. I had the same number of people give me the stink eye for being late for work as I did ask me, "You don't get a snow day?"

9. I don't know if "smaller flakes mean more accumulation" is an old wives tale or not.

10. The dogs are loving the snow (see above).

Photo of my friend, W, and her dog, Sonny. He was so happy about the snow we could barely get him to sit still!


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying it. We've still got just mounds of it here. Finally got above freezing today and melted off enough so that schools are back in session tomorrow. Winter showed up with a vengeance this year. Reminded me all weekend of living in Saginaw.

  2. Doggies love snow!!

  3. Being a native Houstonian, snow is an anomaly for me. Once I visited a good friend in Cleveland, Ohio in February just to experience a snow filled long weekend. I slid all over the driveway because I had the wrong shoes and I could not identify a snow scraper when we were in the store - I had never seen one. I didn't want to leave her house because it was a blizzard outside BUT she assured me it was a normal snow day and not a blizzard. Needless to say, I was SO glad when Sunday came and I was in the airport heading back to Houston. Now, my friend and I have a pact - she visits me in the winter and I visit her in the summer.