Monday, December 09, 2013

Feeling Understood

Present at CreatonThe holidays can be stressful. Over the course of this weekend I realized that the calm I was feeling was the fact that I haven't done anything toward completing my holiday tasks. Once the veil of ignorance was lifted my anxiety levels skyrocketed. At times like this it's the little things.

This morning I woke up to an email from Our Bethany. She recently returned from a family vacation with a new camera. Apparently in the middle of the night as she processed and uploaded her photos she thought of me.

"Just added a bunch of snake pics to my flickr feed, sorry!  Will be putting set links up on FB, so you can avoid those.  Telling you they're gorgeous really won't help, will it?"

It seems kind of silly, doesn't it? But if you're me it's living proof that Bethany knows me and cares about how I feel. She probably even knows that I know that being so frightened even by pictures of snakes makes me feel silly but it doesn't lessen the fear one little bit. When she was posting those pictures she thought about her audience and she spent a few minutes taking action.

It was a really kind thing to do. I am grateful on many levels.

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  1. so glad :). sorry about the stress levels ... i hit that last night too, realizing how many client's i've promised to finish before January, how many presents unbought, cards not even imagined (who am i kidding?!) and trips to be decided and arranged. you got the car reserved though, right? that's progress ... and rumballs, that's progress too :). xo.