Friday, February 28, 2014

Brain Kicking

UntitledJust a few things kicking around my brain that I want to be kicking around your brain, too.

This afternoon I've been working on LTYM stuff, training the dog, and doing laundry. Who wants to guess what's in my pockets?

Dooce shared this link today so you've probably already seen it but, hey, I certainly can't pass up hockey players with their pets.

And Chookooloonks shared this one so, again, you've probably seen it but it's an illustrator's view mash up of Star Wars and John Hughes films. It's just cool. 

You know, I'm not usually into this bald faced kind of humor but I thought this was clever.

So, check this chart and then answer this, "Does Google need to work on its world view?"

I have a friend who recently got a job at this organization. I thought it was the perfect match and now that I've seen this live tweet run down of a group meeting I know it is. She loves a lively and fair discussion.

You see a lot of "cute" pets and kids photos on the internet. Please read this post and keep it in mind before you hit the "like" button.

Michael B. Jordan is cooooool.

This Then & Now shot of Canadian Women's hockey.

Untitled I have word out to several Girl Scout troops so I'm covered but if you still don't know where your Thin Mints are coming from the Cookie Locator can help.

Liz Climo's cartoons (comics? illustrations?) just make me laugh.

Please do not form your opinions about the correlation between abortion and death from fictional statistics.

I hope you remember the guy in FL, Michael Dunn, who shot and killed a kid for playing loud music. You may have heard that the jury in his trial was hopelessly deadlocked. Please take a look at this information from a juror about why. It's all about options and about exercising them. Holy fuck, y'all, this is why I want to regulate who, when, how, and why folks have guns.

I know it's the last day of Black History Month but, you know what? We should be learning history of all colors year round. May I suggest you delve into Mocha Momma's wonderful series of posts about important black figures and events. I learned so much and I wish she'd keep teaching me.

Even for the lesser students of science like me xkcd is awesome. This one? Ultra cool!

I don't know if all these Dr. Seuss facts are interesting but a lot of them are!

Here's what you have to really, REALLY avoid doing when talking about people living with financial challenges.

Our Sueb0b knows how to tell a good story but this one, truly, takes the cake! I want to leave you laughing.


  1. Aw, I am touched to be included. Also? I am just plain touched.

  2. Miflohny12:46 PM

    I was at that meeting. Had to help make sure it went down the right way!