Monday, February 03, 2014

Some Monsters Wear No Labels

tiny bottles of champagne...thanks Kizz!In the past few years I have been learning about addiction. Not my own, and more mental illnesses that manifest very much like addiction, but still, lessons I didn't know I would learn. There's always a lot of chatter on the internet about addiction, in all kinds of media really, and the volume has been turned up to eleven the past couple of days.

It struck me this morning that I wish for all of you never to find yourself addicted. I wish you a life of strong mental health. However, all I really hear in this high decibel chatter is fear, the kind of fear that throws a stiff arm at the monster, sure that all those burpees in cross fit class will ensure your ability to keep addiction and mental illness away from yourself and everyone you love. Maybe you're right. I hope you are. What I've noticed, though, is that our downfall is almost never clearly labeled.

If, despite your best efforts, a monster gets you (and me, I'm not nearly as confident as you, I'm pretty sure a monster will get me) I hope that you are greeted with compassion while you're fighting. Not everyone is but I hope that you are.

Let this (for reasons in addition to the ones that are trending on social media) be my semi-annual plea that, even if you hate having your picture taken, you allow someone to take a likeness of  you without your sunglasses on or your hand hiding your face or a making a goofy face. Allow the rest of us our sense of place and time by engaging in the public record. Once every six months is the lowest I'll go in this negotiation. Deal?

Photo credit: RadioKath


  1. Kizz,
    I have read you work for a few years now and this plea of yours regarding photographs has reached me. I hate having my picture taken, I dislike being 'noticed', however I want you to know that I get it and I have surrendered to your will :) So far at least 2 times this month I have been photographed and present. Thanks for making me think about the ramifications of absenting myself.
    All the best,

  2. deal, and one that i very much need to make. addiction issues in the fam and it's so very hard. hard to remain compassionate and not get angry or frustrated (15 years and counting). i often don't, though i try not to interact at all until the judgement and irritation have passed. hard to know how to help sometimes, so very hard.

  3. KL Crab, today I was wishing just to be heard so thank you not only for hearing me but for choosing to let me know today. I really needed that.

    Bethany, I'm holding you to the deal and I co-sign the high degree of difficulty on all of this.

  4. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I have a photo shoot for my dog coming up and my mother asked me to be in some of the pictures. I poo-pooed that idea but now I see it's probably important to her. So I'll bite the bullet and do it. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. Thanks for indulging your mother...and me.

  6. Sunday afternoon i allowed a friend to take a picture of me wearing my old lady cat on my shoulder. i allowed it only because she was being cute and i don't know how much longer she'll be with us.

  7. I'll take my win any way I can get it, Laura!

  8. if i can get this weight off, i'll end up a GPOY queen again. just can't stand the way i look right now, y'know? still, i allow photos every once in a blue moon.

    the last pictures i allowed were in garb at Pennsic last year. those even have my whole face in them!

  9. Do you even know how disappointing it was to click that link and find out it was a generic Pennsic page and not the pics of you? Any idea at all?

  10. aack, my apologies. if'n you really want to see photos of my dorkness, check your email in a few?