Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ethel Merman Would Have Loved This

We're nearly there. Listen To Your Mother NYC is happening on Sunday. We've had our final rehearsal. We've encouraged everyone we know to come. We've submitted all our materials to the correct people and told everyone where to meet.

Of course LTYM is much larger than just our one show. Several cities' shows have already happened. I've watched them scroll by on social media and felt so excited for them because I can't wait, then jealous of them because I'm nervous and they're past that part, then sorry for them because they're done. It's over. Then what?

On Monday I'll be asking myself the same question. Hopefully after I wake up from a blissful three hour nap. It's just like any other show I've ever done. It's nothing like any other show I've ever done. It's not even like LTYM last year. How could it be?

I absolutely cannot wait to have these stories told to a wider audience. I envy you all the experience of hearing them for the first time. Yet, I want this to last forever, this time shared with such extraordinary people.

I know I can't have it both ways and I will make peace with that. I hope you can join us. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

NYC Show info is here. Sunday May 4th at 5pm.

Information for the other cities in the movement this year is here.


  1. have a ball!!! so sorry to miss it, can't wait to hear about it, and make my way through the videos afterwards :). xo

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Break a leg!!

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    How did the performance go?