Saturday, September 06, 2014

That Girl, That Life

When I was in New England a few weeks ago MamaKizz gave me some photo albums with the understanding that I would scan them so we could keep them safe and look at them whenever we wanted. Over the holiday weekend I scanned and posted what can only be described as a shit-ton of photos.

Last Friday night I also happened to go out on photo walk with Neil. For whatever reason, I think it was even my idea, we met in Washington Square Park. It just so happens those are my old stomping grounds from a lot of the pics I was scanning. Maybe I would have felt this way anyway but for sure the combination intensified my desire to re-discover the girl in those pictures.

I remember that girl. It's not that she doesn't seem like she isn't part of me but I don't have a sense of the path from her to me. This picture here is before England, before dogs, before single life, before so many of the friends I spend my day to day with now. The other woman was my best friend, my every day, my example, and my partner in theatre. I lived with that man, worked with him on theatrical projects, shared a cat with him. They're married now. While I'm not a regular part of their lives any more I think it worked out well. At the time, though, the moment this photo was taken, all of my tomorrows included dreams the three of us shared.

Yet here I am. I have different dreams and I'm no less attached to those than I was to the castles these three people built in the air. It's a lot to think about. I am always one to put stock in studying the past. This particular shot, though, makes me think about the future, too.

In 10 years or 15 or 20 what dreams will I be dreaming?

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  1. Loved this. I put stock in studying the past too.