Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh Sonny Boy The Pipes, The Pipes Are Callin'

We lost another one today. He was 16 and he didn't feel well and it was the right thing to do for him but for his people... Well, we all know we never have them long enough. Even the terrors, even the freaks, even the ones who bent us to their will are too, too sorely missed. This guy was no terror, though.

OK, actually there is this one story about how his girl came home one day when he was about a year old and found him in the kitchen sink (he's a 90lb dog!), all four feet in the damn sink, and he was chewing on the wooden spoons in the utensil jug on the counter. But he wasn't a terror. He was determined and smart and he loved attention.

So, today is a good time to remind you of a very important tradition here at 117 Hudson. I call it Treats For Everyone. It goes like this: On a day when someone's pet dies we give treats to our pets just for breathing. For standing there. For giving us the proverbial puppy dog eyes. They get treats because we are fortunate to still have them here and we know that won't always be the case. There but for the know?

Please, treats for everyone today. The good stuff, don't half-ass it. Because today we lost one of the greats and our hearts are broken.


  1. :( will do, and xo to his girl.

  2. In honor, Daisy got a little roast beef today. The good stuff.