Sunday, February 15, 2015

Alpha & Omega

Yesterday is the day I chose to celebrate Ed's birthday. He spent a lot of the day alone but he got plenty of treats and love and I even sang him happy birthday. That part, I'm sure, was the weirdest for him. He's 6 now. Sort of. As best we can estimate.

I estimated at the very oldest age possible given the clues so that he'll always seem young for his age. I'll always be able to say he had a good run. In the afternoon that sort of logic played out. My good friend, Steph, posted that she'd had to say goodbye to her first dog, her boon companion, her little old man, Charlie. Charlie, truly, had a good run. In fact I'd say he had a great one. He was a big personality who found exactly the right family, people with long enough arms to embrace every inch of him. He loved and was loved in return in a way some people (and dogs) only dream of.

I'm so happy for my guy hitting his stride and I'm devastated for Steph because I've been in her shoes and, it seems, I'll be there again...someday.

You folks know the drill. This is another one of those times that call for Treats for Everyone. Please give your pets food and love and play and songs just for existing. It's the only thing we really require of them and they're doing it well.

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  1. It's an extra special day at this house. So many treats for everyone that the farts have already started. alpha and omega in a whole nuther context. <3