Thursday, February 05, 2015

Idealism in Days

My life coach used to have us do this exercise where we'd write up our perfect day. It was always a little thorny for me because I tend to set that sort of thing in stone which leads me to gigantic emotions when they don't come to fruition exactly as I'd imagined. I did the exercise, though, and I enjoyed it. Dreaming those days even felt really good. And on days like today...

7:30 alarm goes off
7:35 respected colleague offers chance of a new client
7:50 out of bed
8:05 long, mostly uneventful walk with the dog
9:00 feed pets and self 
        check email and social media
10:10 nail salon
10:45 bank
11:05 vocal warm up and run through of current show
12:15 water, tv, check email and social media
12:45 lunch
1:10 blog
1:30 power nap
2:00 check email and social media
2:30 long, mostly uneventful walk with dog
3:30 shower
        prep for show
4:50 head to venue
5:00 arrive at venue for set up
6:00 change into show clothes
6:15 sound check
7:00 doors open
7:30 show begins
8:30 drinks and nibbles with audience
10:00 home, feed pets
10:30 short walk with dog
11:00 bed, read, sleep, dream of a perfect day

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