Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photo Challenge: FRESH

This year. Oh my. It started so well and now it's trying to kick my ass. Thank you for the stability and beauty of these photo challenges. I hope they bring you the same good feeling they do to me.

Oh yeah, Our Bethany married a fresh one all right. It's ok, she knew that going in.

A twofer from Our Sara. That's a fresh ball and a fresh new, hand knit cowl on Our Bu

Being in front of the camera is always fresh for this family. I like to let them kid around a little to shake the cobwebs off. #GrandparentLove

I think this is the view from Our Cindy's office. She gets so many beautiful shots from there. This pastoral new snow shot is making it easier for me to slog through the old snow outside this office.

As things have gotten a little more challenging I remember that I'm just TRYING my best. Let's use TRY as the next prompt. Does that give you enough room to create?

Please enter by 9am Tuesday February 9th for posting on February 10th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and TRY. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have any questions. The  appropriate email for that is Kizzbeth117 at gmail dot com.

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